Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Vacation

Take 17 family members, put them on a plane, and drop them off in the little town of Bluffton, Ohio and what do you get but loads of fun memories!!
My family went back east in July to visit other family and we had a blast...but I will let the pictures do the talking.
My parents went. Myself and my kids plus Kim and Lilly. My sister Darlene and her family. Plus my sister Dawn and her family. It was a bit crazy at times but well worth the time.

In the shuttle to another terminal: Naked baby! She peed on her clothes and daddy had to buy her a new outfit at the airport:Beautiful countryside: I think I'm ready to move!Hanging out in quiet, downtown Bluffton:Fishing:


Nature walks:

Riding horses:Riding bikes, sort of like the Wizard of Oz:Running down the country road - "Hey, wait for me!"Family walks in town:Shopping for fireworks?:Coffee at Common Grounds:Play time at the park:Skating the AT&T hill rail:Cousin love:Oh the dairy freeze:

Limo rides to visit friends:Some Ohio family:

Still the cutest baby around!:

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