Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rain, School and other misc. thoughts

I love the rain. It is so refreshing, so calming. It rained most of today....even had some thunder and lightening which is rare is southern California. I loved it. Reminded me of sitting on the porch swing in Ohio watching those wild summer storms. But I hate to have to leave the house. It is much more fun to be home with the fireplace on, watching the rain outside than it is driving around in it and having to get in and out of that car (even though I do have a cute umbrella). I'd rather be home doing my laundry than running errands in the rain. Had to do both today though.

I also had to go to school in that rain today. Last week I had exams in both my math class and in my chemistry class. I was stressed about both exams. It is hard to find the time to study when you work full time so I just did not feel prepared for either one. I knew that I had to just get in there and do my best. I keep telling myself that I just have to pass the classes...I don't need to be the best in the class. Found out that I did pass the math exam...I think I got an A but you know me and math...we don't get along and I couldn't really quite figure out the number curve - HA! But I think it was high enough for an A (it wasn't out of 100 so it made me question my score...)
Then tonight Michelle and I went to our chemistry class. Keep in mind that she is really wanting to get a higher score than me. A little mother / daughter rivalry going on there. We laugh about it and I don't really care if she does better than me. I just wish I saw her studying more! The girl hardly studies...yet, sure enough she scored higher than me but I got a 97 - so there!!I was so relieved. I want to do well and when I don't feel prepared it stresses me out. I should know by now to just relax and trust that I can do it! We have met the nicest people in this chemistry class...we even have little deals...like 'whoever scores the highest has to buy drinks for the others'. Guess Michelle with her 99 owes us all starbucks!!

Best part of the day ~ booking our flight to go to Oregon for Nationals!! Yeah!! Can't wait. We are going to go to the race then visit my sister for a couple of days in mid November. Fun times!

All in all it was a good day ~ rain, school, laundry and errands all thrown in there!!

Heard this today while I was out running those errands...My new found quote for the day:

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."

Corrie ten Boom


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Holly said...

I loved sitting on my parent's back patio during the summer thunderstorms and just watching them.