Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another One Done

Aww - relaxation.
I finished another class last night. It feels so good to be done!

This class was a nursing informatics class - or nursing and technology.
We had to learn word, powerpoint and excel. I've taken classes at work so not all of the information was new to me but I did learn a thing or two.
We had to make a brochure - for never having made one I thought mine turned out pretty good...
Then we had to create a website.
It took me a little bit but I got it done.
It is about prematurity.
I have things that I want to change on it - but for this week I am taking a break from school work!
Here's the link if you want to go check out my work...
It is alright..but not quite perfected yet.
I just hope I get a good grade on it. You know me and my anal desire to get in an A in every class I take. I really do need to learn not to be quite such a perfectionist!

Oh another note~

this cute little video was posted by one of our patients at work.
They gave the hospital permission to use it and share on the hospital website.
It reminds me of why I love my job and why I keep going back. That new life is amazing everytime!
Be sure to pause my music so you don't get overwhelmed with two songs going on at the same time.

a little slice of heaven - part 2 - the birth from ElmanAdam on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed that proud St Joseph moment :)

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irishtwinsmommababybook said...

I love your Web site and wished I had known there were great resources out there on the Internet to help cope with having a preemie. Great job- I'm sure you will receive your "A." :)

What a compliment it was to you to have a co-worker request that you be her nurse during delivery. That speaks volumes on the person you are. :)