Monday, April 18, 2011


Erika ran the 800 this weekend at the Long Beach State University meet. She ran strong and came in second in her heat of runners. She even passed up many runners on the last 300m of the race.It was a warm 90' out. She said she loves running in that heat. I, on the other hand like it a bit cooler. Though I did sit in the shade and watch the pole vaulters for a long time. I don't know why ~ but I love watching them.
She looked strong and ran well. I am proud of her!But, alas, she missed qualifying for nationals by about 4 or 5 long seconds....She runs again in Fresno at the GSAC meet - the equivalent of the state meet for her particular league. She said she wants to qualify in the 800 instead of trying to qualify in the steeplechase.
I know that she can do it!!


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Zazzy Episodes said...

She looks great and strong, you must be a proud mama.