Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get Away

Dear Hubby and I were able to get away for a couple of days to celebrate our anniversary.  We don't always go away for our anniversary - normally we go to dinner or something simple along those lines.
This year we were celebrating five years of marriage so we decided to get away ... just the two of us.

Five years ago, on 07-07-07 we promised ourselves to each other and became a family of five ~
Life has been crazy ever since.
Yet we recognize our need to spend time alone as a couple.

We didn't want to go very far. We only had a couple of days so we didn't want to spend hours driving somewhere.
After tossing a few ideas around we decided we would head to Temecula wine country.
It is only an hour or so from where we live.
A nice little drive yet you feel like you are far away from everything when you are there.
This was the view of the vineyard from our little villa that we stayed in ~ grape vines right at your fingertips.
We chose to stay at South Coast Winery.

They have such beautiful grounds and are located right in the middle of all of the wineries.
I love the resort...but do not care so much for their wine.
Despite that, it really is a beautiful place.
Since it is so centrally located it is easy to get to other wineries for a little tasting.

I'd definitely stay here again even if I need to wine taste else where~

This was our little villa for the weekend.
There are four separate little villas, sort of joined together but not really.
There are no shared walls so you feel like you are the only ones there.
Each villa has its own private little patio where you can lounge and stare at the growing grapes.
We sat our here lots ~
It was peaceful and quite and just what we needed.
It was a wonderful way to get away from our busy lives.
I even left my school computer at home so that I would not be tempted to do any homework.
We reconnected and just spent time together.

We received a complimentary bottle of wine in our room.
We went to the local grocery store to buy cheese and crackers.
Then just enjoyed...

 A few of our room.
It was even bigger that one this portrays.
There was an area where I was standing to take the picture that had a nice sized table and chairs.
We spent most of our time sitting out on the patio though.

The comfy bed.
With lots of pillows since I sleep with more than one (sometimes it's an issue in some hotels - ha!)
And it was a king sized bed so no one got kicked during the night :)
There was a huge jacuzzi tub and large walk in shower.
In fact the bathroom was about as big as my whole upstairs at home!
I felt like I was living in luxury.
And yes, I did take long, soaking baths each night....
Ah, a slice of heaven. 
(I rarely indulge in such simplicities at home)
A final view from the patio.
I'm hoping that I can look at it and it will automatically relax me
I had a great time dear hubby.
Can't wait until we can get away again.
It sure helps your marriage stay stronger when you spend time alone together.
Happy Anniversary!!


irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Happy anniversary!!!!! We will celebrate five years in September!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

And you were a stunning bride!!