Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ahhhh ~ Beautiful Temecula wine country.
I thought I'd share a few of the places that we went to on our little get away.
Dear Hubby and I both like a good glass of wine.
He likes bolder reds,
I like most reds and some whites.
Neither of us like the sweet wines.
We both enjoy doing wine tastings...but have learned that we can only do a few places in one day.
You really want to be able to taste the wine and if you find one that you like you need to buy it then for  each year the harvest is unique, so the wine may taste different the next time you try to find the bottle that you "really liked".

I was in search of a nice, crisp, white wine.  
I like to have a glass while I am doing homework.
I am more creative when I have a glass of wine while I am writing.  
Really, I am.
My friends laugh at me but it is my secret school vice (guess it is not so secret now...).

I found a nice Chardonnay at Monte De Oro.
This is a newer winery and has a lovely outdoor patio.
We have been here with friends before.
One of my favorite places.

We tried a new winery this trip.
Doffo Winery.

It is a quaint little family owned business
The tasting room literally sits right next to their house.
The owner's son assisted us and let us try many more tastings than what we actually paid for.
He walked us through all of the different wines they have.
For a small, family owned business they had really good wines.
We bought a couple of reds from them.
The wine was good but I enjoyed the personalized attention that we got from our server too.

On to Ponte where we ran in to some friends that I know from work.
Good wines here though we didn't buy any.
Think I will go back next time and taste here again.
Got too busy socializing that I forgot to spend the time really tasting the wine.
I know, me socializing....really?!?!
Sometimes my kids wonder how I can talk so much and how I always run in to someone out in public...even away from home.

Nice display of the wine at Ponte.
They even have a new hotel that just opened last month.
But I think I prefer the little villas at South Coast.

On to Longshadow Ranch.
I love this place for it's farm like atmosphere.
I love the smell of the horses and the tasting room in the barn.

We did not actually do any tastings here. Instead we each got a glass of wine then we sat and watched the horses .
It was a nice way to spend an hour or so relaxing.

They also have nice picnic grounds here.
I will need to remember this for next time.
My girls both like this winery - in fact it was Michelle that told me to make sure we went here.
Though I did not find the 'cowboy' wine she was trying to describe to me.

We saved the best for last.

They have recently remodeled their tasting room and gift shop.
We like it because you can sit instead of stand ~

Callaway has the best wine by far.
Everything we try here we like.
Naturally we bought bottles to bring home.
I can't wait to open them.
Naturally we became "wine club members" here.
You get special little perks plus shipments of wine every few months.

Such a wonderful time we had.
Just looking back on the pictures makes me want to go again.
Guess I'll have to get a few girlfriends rounded up and head on back.
Any one want to go with me?

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sarah lee said...

nice entries and pics! so glad you guys had a chance to get away and spend time together. looks like you had a great relaxing time! i should take charles here sometime... or i'll come with you next time. or both! :)