Friday, November 2, 2012

Carter Survives

I'm hooked on another T.V. show.  
Me, the one who hardly ever watches T.V.
I'm watching Survivor every Wednesday night with Erika.

I have never watched Survivor before and hardly understand the show, the rules, or the purpose.  I do know that the winner receives quite a bit of money.

The reason that we are watching this season is because we know one of the contestants so it makes for a fun evening cheering him on... sort of a bonding time for Erika and I :)


Carter went to Biola with Erika and ran on the cross country and track teams.
I know that he can go far on the show for I have seen him compete.  I've seen him run to win.  Seen him trip over a steeplechase hurdle and get right back up and keep running.  
He is super funny...though on the show he has been really quiet.

This past week ~ he won the first 'personal immunity'.
You should have heard us rooting for him to hang on.
It is kind of weird knowing someone on a T.V. show.  
And no, we do not know how the season ends. Carter has not spoiled the ending so we will continue to watch and cheer him on.

 Keep on surviving Carter!!

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