Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Penny Dog

Once upon a time there was a little puppy.
She lived with a family that no longer wanted her.
So they sent her to the pound.
She sat in the back of the pen with her tail tucked in.
She didn't dare come to the fence to greet anyone.
Too scared was she.

Then along came a family who thought that she was so pretty.
The family loved her timidness.
They took her to play in the fenced in yard and fell in love.

The new family took her home
Where it became apparent that she might have been abused.
She was so scared of the tiniest noise and all loud noises.
She would cringe when a hand was lifted to pet her.
And she growled at the toddler in the house.

But with gentle love she learned that this new family was pretty darn wonderful
The new family loved her just for her.
The new family snuggled with her and hugged her.
The new family fed her and gave her treats when she behaved.
The new family took her to the park.
The human sister even took her jogging.

She soon became the best dog around
She wags her tail non-stop.
She gives kisses.
She greets you at the door.
She adores being petted.
She follows you around the house
 and gets so excited when her Lily comes around.
She wants to be where ever her human family is.

We love our Penny dog.
How could you not love a dog that stares at you with those sweet little puppy dog eyes of hers?
She is the best little pound find that there ever was.
And we are glad that she is ours.
She keeps us grounded and provides us with never ending love.

And she sure is spoiled now
Even takes over her sister's bed when she isn't around.
Penny dog - we are so glad that your previous owners gave you away.
And that we found you!

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amoryg said...

Awwww what a sweetheart!!! She's a beauty! They are the best dogs.