Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Night Fun

How do I spend my Friday night?  Writing a paper for school of course.  I know - I'm so fun to be around.  But I think I write a darn good paper - HA!

Only four more weeks to go!!

One more paper to write.
One post to compose and 3 replies to be sent in
One big "change project" to work on and turn in.

Then I am finished.
I'll have my BSN.

No more Friday nights spent writing papers.
No more late nights when I have to get up the next day for work.
No more boring text book reading.

I can hardly wait.
Only four more weeks to go and I may be able to have a Friday night that actually includes a little bit of fun~


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Wow, what an incredible accomplishment. You are amazing and so should be extraordinarily proud of yourself. Having watched you do this for the last ... I don't know how long ... seeing you so close to completion is a wonderful thing.

May I offer you one virtual hug ?~!

babyrndeb said...

Lynda, I am pretty excited...but even more so than that I am just relieved to possible have a day off where I don't have homework looming over me. Gonna take a break before I head back for my master's.
Virtual hug accepted and returned :)
It would be great fun to actually meet one day!