Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holiday Working

Oh the joys of being a nurse...getting to work the whole weekend when everyone else is celebrating the Easter holiday.
It was fairly steady today and I am in charge tomorrow so I'll be there all day.
You know babies are born on holidays too.

I did not boil nor color any eggs.
I did not buy any Easter candy.
I did not get a basket for any one.
Nor did I decorate the house for the holiday (since my home is full of wedding / shower gifts at the moment)

I'll just go to work like any other day.
And hope that some one brings me a good meal :)
Then go visit my family tomorrow night (my sister and her children arrived today!)
I really don't mind that much - it is part of being a nurse.
(I will miss watching the little ones have their Easter egg hunt.....)

Hope you have a good Easter though - and remember that the real reason we have the holiday is because Jesus has risen!

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