Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fallen Record

A happy note! A fallen record. A proud moment. A fast moment. A mommy moment. Something to smile about around here...Erika broke the Biola school record (or set the new record if you choose to look at it that way) in the steeplechase last night down in San Diego. Read about it here.
And she is going to nationals again :) And I am happy to be her mom.

Take a peak at the pictures below.

Feel free to check out more race photos here

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heather said...

I did not get to see your last post on the struggles you are having. I love you Deb no matter what. Please call if you want to talk. I know in hard times it is hard to believe that our awsome all knowing God.... is just that. Struggle , question, cry . But Never and I mean Never forget that God knows and loves you still. And when all else fails he never does. Take the hard things God has given you and use them to praise him.. You are a strong amazing women. Don't waste that on what ifs and should haves. You know I shoot straight . Take the brite spots in your life and hold on tight. He has blessed you so much and I know you know that. So I will just remind you even at the bottom of the muddy pit we can look forward to getting out. I love you girl. Hang in there !