Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Alright, Alright! After more than one person asked if I was still alive and / or OK I decided I'd better get back to blogging. Seems there are people that actually read what I post - if you can believe that one?!?! So I'll take a return trip to let you know what has been going on in my life the past few months:

  • first off is school - it is going well and I am so far getting all A's in my classes which even I must say is not an easy accomplishment. I am finding that I am really enjoying school and jut wish I had more time to devote to it - I am learning new things!
  • Still working away at the hospital...plus I picked up a second small job back in February. I am now also employed by St Joseph home health / hospice working with our comfort care mommies on the outpatient side. So now I get to know them prior to their delivery. It is not a job with many hours and we don't have any current patients (guess that is a good thing in a way), but I am looking forward to helping our next patient work on their birth plan, do education, and provide support during their walk through pregnancy and grief.
  • the foot continues to be an issue and Buzz is not working...I will try to post more on this later but just don't have the words yet to say and am not ready to share all that has happened
  • Jon turns 26 tomorrow - so hard to believe that I have a son that is an adult of that age. Where did the time go? He is an awesome dad to little Lilly

  • speaking of Lilly - she is one now - runs all over and just cracks all of us up. She has quite an independent streak and LOVES animals of all kinds
  • Erika has qualified for outdoor nationals in the steeple chase. So we are planning a trip to Missouri to watch her run in late May :) She is still loving Biola and I rarely see her

  • Michelle continues to commute to Long Beach State. In fact we bought a second car , named "little car" so that she has a reliable mode to travel in...and I really think it is a fun little car to drive also. She is playing on an intramural soccer team...the only girl on the team but she kicks butt!
I will leave you with a few pictures - since I think they tell a much bigger story than my words....

the lovely Lilly and I:

Lovely Lilly, Giddyup Pony:Erika performing:Michelle going for it:

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