Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

I started back to school today. I am taking Math for liberal arts students and chemistry. My last two classes before I enter the RN to BSN program. 16 weeks. 32 days. 256 hours of class and countless hours of homework...since you know, I just have to get an A! I like both of my instructors so that is a plus. Most of the math homework is on the computer, so that will be interesting...

Michelle is trying to add the chemistry class. She is #8 on the wait list. so many of the classes at Long Beach state and at the community college are impacted and she is having a hard time getting in to the classes that she needs. Pray for her that she can add...we tried to make up a sad story with the professor. I'm not sure he was swayed.

The best part of the day was when I was sitting in my math class. (I sat right in the middle of the class). I was waiting for the class to start and just sort of looking around the room, seeing who else was in the class and I noticed that I was the oldest (by far) in the class and the only Blonde! Not a single other light haired person in the room. Not even the instructor. I thought that was kinda funny. I felt so out of place. I like the diversity of the class...but that made me feel like an alien! So my goal is to get the highest grade in the class...just to prove that blondes are not dumb.



Holly said...

Good luck with your classes! I hope your friend is able to get into the chemistry class. That's odd you're the only blonde haired person in the class.

sarah lee said...

you are definitely not dumb, deb! far from it, nerd! :D prove those dark-haired peeps wrong! love the blog. you're a great writer. keep it up!