Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Personal Connection

Earlier today I posted about the crash involving the Cal Baptist University Cross Country team.
At the time that I wrote that post we were hearing of the crash and of course were concerned for all of the athletes and the coach that was killed. I wrote that as a mother of a fellow cross country runner. A mother who ached for those other mothers as they were finding out about their athletes / children. A mother, involved in the running community and who is concerned for those fellow athletes.

When a local team is hurt like that, you can't help but be concerned - especially when they run in the same league with your own children. They are athletes that you have personally seen run and it just really hits home. You sit there and think - "wow, that could have been our team".

As I read more articles on the crash today, and saw news casts on the TV, I saw a name flash on the screen of one of the more serious wounded. That name was Alicia Catanese. My first thought was, "I know an Alicia Catanese" I wasn't aware that the Alicia that I know was running for Cal Baptist. To see the name of someone that you know on a TV screen was a little surreal. To think that she was seriously wounded just about sucked the air out of me.

I went to church with her parents years ago and was in the delivery room with Vivian when she gave birth to Alicia. Now, it has become personal. It isn't just a name on a news story, but someone that I know. All I could think about was the family and how they are dealing with all of this and is Alicia 'OK'?

All I know right now is that Alicia was in the front seat of the van that was hit. I know she has a broken arm and what sounds like some head trauma. She is still hospitalized and her parents are with her.

The most recent news that I can find on the accident is here.

Please continue to pray for the entire team and student body at Cal Baptist University.


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Stacy said...

I am just catching up now. I am so sorry to hear about this crash and how many lives were affected. I can't imagine what that felt like to see the name of a friend go across the screen. I will be praying for this family and those involved.

In Christ,