Monday, August 23, 2010

A Lily Day

I love it when my granddaughter Lily comes to spend the day with me...especially when we have nothing to do except hang around home and play. We had one of those leisure days this past week.

Catching Princess the cat. Normally the cat runs away from Lily - you can see how proud she was to have actually caught her. She kept saying, "Lita, I got her!". You should of heard the cries of despair coming from the cat!

Princess being held captive. Lily sat in that chair for a long time just holding on to the poor thing.

Since it is finally getting hot here in Southern California we decided to go for a swim. Here's the model pose before we got in. Lily just learned that 'floaties' will help in the pool.

She thinks it is so cool that she can just hang out and float without sinking.

She wants to swim by her "Self!". She pushes me away and says, "I can swim!"

Check out the short little video below - listen for her fake 'pants' of exhaustion. Fun times!!


Stacy said...

She is too cute. What precious pictures and oh...that poor cat! :) Glad you were able to spend such sweet time with your granddaughter.

Holly said...

hahaha the poor cat!! That water looks very refreshing!! Maybe I'm just thirsty right now!