Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome Baby Rylee

Wow, I haven't blogged anything in a week. Not because I have been sitting around eating bon bons - quite the contrary - I've just been super busy and coming home exhausted.
I have three new patients in our comfort care program and work has suddenly gotten super busy. That crazy busyness of summer. Yet amidst all of the craziness and tough things that were going on - there was one really happy event.
I was one of the first people to see this sweet little face:
Her mommy, Jennifer is a nurse that I work with. Earlier this year, I trained her to work in labor and delivery. She was a recent transfer from our antepartum floor. She picked up on things in L&D quite quick and is a great nurse. Of course, when you work so closely with someone like we did for all of those weeks you really get to know each other. And once that nurse 'graduates' from the program, it is customary to get them a little gift. I wasn't sure what to give her, but finally decided I would give her this little statue of a pregnant woman - since that is the type of patients that we work with. Well - Jen says that the little statue was an omen and it is what lead her to soon be pregnant herself. I was so excited for her. Not only is she a good nurse, but she is happy, energetic, smart and an all around cute girl. Just one of those kinds of people that you want to hang out with.
At one point during the pregnancy, she asked if I would take care of her when she came in. Of course I said yes, even though it made me really nervous. It is hard to take care of someone who is in the same field of nursing that you are. What if I made a mistake? What if I don't interpret the fetal heart rate strip correctly? What if I miss her IV? (luckily I didn't have to start someone else to...) Even with all of my hesitation, I knew I would care for her when she went in to labor...I'd do my best to provide her with a good delivery and just get over my own nervousness. What an honor it is to be trusted by someone that you work with.

The day started out all wrong. I was working antepartum, was actually in tears about an hour in to my shift and told my charge nurse that I thought it was time for me to change careers and go work in a grocery store. About an hour later, she called me and told me that Jen was coming in and that I was to change my assignment so that I could take care of her. I was happy to have a change and prayed that it would all go well.
How could it not go well when you are as cute as this couple is??? She doesn't even look like she is in labor...but she is...and she stopped to get her nails done before she came in. Hey - it was her first baby - she knew she had a little time.
Jennifer and Jason chose not to find out what they were having. It only made the delivery that much more fun. I thought for sure she was having a boy. A few hours after Jennifer came in she delivered the cutest little GIRL.
Rylee Shae was born at 5:36 pm.
She was crying, healthy and went right to her mom where she did skin to skin and got to know her parents.

I love this picture of Jennifer checking out her new little girl.
A whopping 6 pounds, 5 oz
The delivery team.
Women in blue - it is fun when it is one of 'us'
Welcome to the world little Rylee and Congratulations Jennifer and Jason! It was a pleasure to take care of you and to be one of the first people to see your sweet little baby. May you have tons of fun raising her and enjoy dressing her up in cute little girl clothes. You were an awesome patient!! I'd take care of you any day. Thanks for making me want to be a nurse again.
Give her lots of kisses, hugs and just the right amount of discipline. You are going to be great parents!


Stacy said...

Oh Debbie, what a sweet gift for both of you to share in this most precious moment together. She is lucky to have you by her side and I'm sure you did spectacular! I think you might have the greatest job on the earth...watching the God's miracle of life enter the world each day.

Be encouraged, God has you right where He wants you!

Love in Christ,

Holly said...

Congrats to them!!