Thursday, November 18, 2010

Burning the Midnight Oil

Burning the midnight oil...literally. The past few days have been long ones as I've tried to catch up on things around here. Last night I got to bed after 1am...tonight it is already after 12pm but I am almost done for the day...whew!

Had a ton of homework to catch up on. I have sort of lost interest in my current classes as the semester is coming to a close...yet, I still have a test in each class plus finals. I'm getting antsy to just be done. Especially since I am officially in the BSN program at Vanguard University
I start classes January 11th. I am excited, nervous, and often think that I am crazy to be doing this.
Now I just need to figure out a way to pay the tuition!!

I worked antepartum yesterday - had a couple of really nice patients. It made my day go by faster!! I also did what was probably the most disturbing delivery that I have ever done. I can't go in to details because of HIPPA rules but just let me say that handcuffs and shackles were part of the event.....wild!!

Tomorrow, we leave for Oregon YEAH!! Can you tell I am excited. We are going up to watch the Biola girls team and Ryan run in the NAIA national meet. I am so nervous for the girls but Erika says they are pumped. It is going to be one hot race!! Actually it is cold and rainy there but I know are girls are going to be fast even in the cold :)

Once we watch Biola win the race then we are going to go visit my sister Dawn for a couple of days. We will get to see my niece Sarah perform in the Nutcracker and just relax for a couple of days. We don't get to see my sister and her girls nearly enough since they moved to Oregon. Wonder if we will attempt to make Christmas cookies like we did last year?? We were missing a couple of ingredients so they didn't turn out the best...but we sure had fun making a mess while attempting to cut them out! I'll try to post pictures as much as I can...that is, if I have any internet service at my sisters. If not...I'll catch up later.
Now though it is time for me to try to get a little sleep.....

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Stacy said...

Burning the midnight oil with you! Have a wonderful time in Oregon. Sounds like so much fun. Christmas cookies! Yeah.

Can't wait to hear the details.