Sunday, November 7, 2010

GSAC Champions!

This weekend I drove up to Fresno (seemed to take forever this time ~ 4 1/2 hours). It was so worth it though, for I got to see the awesome Biola cross country teams compete in GSAC (Golden State Athletic Conference). Both the men's and women's teams ran hard and fast.
And the women came out #1.
I am so proud of all of these athletes. They have trained long and hard for this. Not only are the great runners ~ they are truly men and women with hearts for God. They are courageous, sweet and humble and I love being around them!! You can read about the race and get race results by clicking here.
Erika is 4th from the left.Having fun as usual with all her friends.

Coach Zimmerman also took home the 'coach of the year' award. I know he is happy and proud at the moment. Yet, they still have work to do...for they are now on their way to Nationals!
One of the men, Ryan Richert, also qualified for Nationals. That race will be held in two weeks in Vancouver, Washington...and yes, we already have our tickets purchased for that trip. It is going to be one fun, yet grueling race as they try to take Nationals this year. (last year they came in second...just three points behind the first place team). But for today, they can have some fun and celebrate a great race! There's my cute Erika again - wearing the Biola banner :)

You girls ROCK! I am so looking forward to watching you run at Nationals.


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