Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This week

I've been a terrible blogger again lately. Maybe because I've just been busy living life and blogging takes time...great excuse isn't it?? Yet, it does surprise me when I look and see that a week has passed by and I haven't said a word.

Really, All I have been doing is working...and wondering why it is that all of my patients lately seem to deliver at the end of my shift...making it hard to get out on time...yet, at least I can see the fruit of my labor...The delivery. It is fun to be able to see the patients through the whole labor, then get to see their baby. But an hour earlier would really fit in to my schedule better. As if my schedule has anything to do with when a baby comes in to the world?!?!

Taught our perinatal hospice class last week and had to go in extra for a new computer system class. Extra hours, but I really like my days off to be spent at home...not on extra stuff at work. I thankful I have a job...

School has been crazy too. Two exams this week. Aced the math test but only because I have decent test taking skills...not because I knew what I was doing. HA! Tomorrow we have a chemistry test. Wish me lots of luck!!

I've applied to the RN to BSN program. That is a scary thought, but one that I have been working towards the past couple of years. I should start in January if all goes well. Then we will see about getting that masters one day.

Voted yesterday. Only thing I will say is that I am glad that prop 19 failed - legalizing marijuana?? Who thought that one up?? Just what we need - making it easier for women to take drugs. I recently had a mom who took "medical marijuana" for her nausea. How responsible is that? And it isn't even legal at this point. How are we going to protect the innocent womb inhabitants if we make drugs legal?? Actually, how do we protect them now?? Just food for thought - I'm really not one to get in to all of the political stuff.

Of course Halloween came and went. This is probably my least favorite holiday. I like to see the kids dress up and I know that it is fun for them...I just don't like all of the scary things that go along with Halloween - like monsters and devils. Lily was very cute. She dressed up as Woody. I think she had just as much fun handing out candy as getting candy.

I about died when I saw this picture of my uncle dressed up. If you knew my uncle you would die laughing too. He would NEVER have done this in the past. His new wife has really changed him. For the better I think...doesn't he make a cute Dorothy??
Summer has struck again here in southern California. Record breaking heat. As in high 90's today. Weird weather that is for sure. I just hope it cools down by the weekend when Biola runs a big race up in Fresno. Of course we plan on driving up to watch the race. GO Eagles!!

My parents have been away on a cruise to the Panama Canal. They will be gone just a little over two weeks. It is different not being able to just call my mom whenever I feel like it. Not that we see each other every day or even every week for that is just nice knowing that she is a 5 mins drive away if I do want to visit.

Tomorrow I am seeing a doctor about this pesky cough / cold thing I have going on. I've been sick for the past month, have done two rounds of antibiotics and still can't get rid of this cough and shortness of breath. Figured it was time to get a full work up and get better. (I hear you...nurses are the worst patients....)

I know this is a random post. Just wanted to say hi to all of my blogger friends and family out there and let you know that nothing big is going on...just life stuff. Now I'm off to finish studying for chemistry...Oh joy!

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Stacy said...

Always good to hear from you. Sending hello wishes your way. Sounds like you have a lot going on. Will be praying you do well on your Chemistry test and for healing and wisdom from the doctors as they treat your cold/cough.

My sister lives in Pleasanton, CA, don't know where that is in relation to you, but she, too, said that it has been hot her way! Sounds nice from over here on the East Coast where it has been only in the 50's!

Have a great weekend!

Much love,