Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorable Day

Yesterday was memorial day. Many people view this day as the start of summer.  They plan bar-b-ques, have picnics or go to the beach.  It is a holiday and many do not have to work so they play.  Yet, this holiday is really a day that was set aside to remind us to remember our veterans. It is a day set aside to honor those that have served in the military services.  That have helped to defend our country and protect our freedoms.  There are services that one can attend and many flags are placed at gravesites.  It is a national holiday.  There should be some patriotism that is shown this day.  But so often people forget the real meaning behind this day... a day to thank those that protect us.

Then there are those like myself who do not get the day off.  I actually don't mind working memorial day.  I don't normally plan any "beginning of summer" festivites and I can work so that those that do have family in the military can have the day off.  The hospital does not close - even on national holidays.  So I worked yesterday.  Normally working a holiday is somewhat relaxing.  There tends to be fewer inductions and scheduled C/Sections.  Doctor offices are closed so you do not get patients that are sent in to rule out a disease process.  You get natural laboring patients.  And the day tends to be slower.  We normally draw names so that nurses can 'split the shift' and only work 6 hours.   Normally.  Yesterday was not normal.......

We were so busy. Patient after patient came in...all in labor or with broken bags of water.  I tried to call in extra help....right...on a holiday?? People are not going to come in.  People have lives.  People have plans.  So those of us that were scheduled worked hard.  We ran, we assessed, we delivered, and then came back for more.  I was in charge and had my own patients.  We had bleeders, we had babies that didn't want to cooperate with the birth process, we had mom's in pain.

We also got to see new life.  16 new lives.  Yes, 16 deliveries in a 12 hour shift (well 17 if you count the one that was born right at change of shift but the night shift took credit for that one).  We did 9 vaginal deliveries and 7 c/sections.  No scheduled cases.  I started to wonder if there was a different job for me.  One where I didn't have to work so hard.  One where I actually got the holiday off.  One where I wouldn't go home quite so tired.

But we all survived.  We delivered all but 3 patients on the board. I was able to leave a couple of night shift nurses at home.  I'll never understand how one moment the unit is crazy busy and the next it is so nice.  Wish we could figure out a way to just even things out - HA!  Those of us who worked yesterday truly had a memorable day!  It is one I will not forget for awhile ~

And to end this little memorial day post I thought I would share a quick little video that Coach Z shared with us.  In the spirit of our veterans:
(don't forget to silence my playlist below)
Soldiers Deck of Cards

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