Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 Hoarders ~ that's us at the present time!!
Erika has decided to move back home after being away at college and living on her own for a year post graduation.
I am happy to have her home.  She is a joy to have around.
She needs to move back in to a room with her sister and this is what it looks like right now:

 We have cleaned out closets.  We have thrown things away (3 bags today) and have gotten things ready for the salvation army.
Yet, there are still so many things to go through.
Things the girls have had since they were toddlers.
Toys and keepsakes.
We found clothes from the 80's...now who would save those ugly things??
We found little toys, trash, photos from 10 years ago.
Erika's boyfriend Tim was here the other day as we sorted through things.
Every time we paused over an item and debated what to do with it  - he threatened to call the Hoarders TV show.  All he had to say was - "HOARDERS!" and the stuff went in to a pile.
Things like a 30 year old wedding dress and two bridesmaid dresses that my girls wore in my sister's wedding.  Yes the bridesmaid dresses are cute - but the girls were like 11 years old when they wore them.  They sure as heck don't fit now!
I'm going to see if either one fits my niece when she comes to visit next month.
As far as the wedding dress - the girls are trying it on just for fun~
We are making progress though ~
Look at all of the stuff we have to donate!
I refuse to be on the Hoarders TV show!
We are going to keep cleaning :)

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irishtwinsmommababybook said...

You aren't hoarders!!!!! That kind of stuff has memories!!!! Good luck with the clean up. :)I have to go through the hoarders mess of the kids' toys. ;)