Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Barely Above Water

 I am sitting on three different committees at work...they are all intertwined yet seperate.

 First is our perinatal hospice program committee - on going for the last 5 or 6 years. But this last meeting was really long and almost all focused on one patient.   What did we do well?  What could we have done better?  We can we learn and change going forward?

Fast forward to more change - hence the new demise committee in labor and delivery.  Since I have been our grief support liason in labor and delivery for many years I was asked to sit on this new committe as we look to better serve our families that have stillborns and pregnancy loss.  There are so many new ideas.  There are so many new staff members that have no idea how to care for these mommies and no idea of the support services that we offer.  So we are revamping things.  We are bringing forth new education.  We have a parent liason helping us to figure out what is best care.  We struggle to find the money to support our programs....but we are trying.  Trying to change things for the better.
Every meeting I walk away with new assignments and more tasks to complete (like emails, writing up policies, making a learning poster).  More things on my to do list. But important things.  Things that will make a difference for our patients.  That is one of the reasons why I became a nurse...

(an example of one of the items that we give to our parents)

I recently was asked to sit on a hospital wide end of life committee.  Our hospital is making changes and trying to streamline much of our care so that all patients get the same treatment hospital wide.  They originally forgot about us poor little souls in labor and I was asked late to join this committee.  Today I worked on a power point (on my day off mind you).  We are taking information to nursing grand rounds at the end of the month.  Presenting to other nurses in the hospital.  Talking about all of the services we offer.  And we have some national presentations in the work.  Now that is exciting to me...a little travel, a little teaching...all for better patient care.

Needles to say, my head is barely above water.  I had to make a notebook with dividers for all of these committees.  Trying to keep them straight.  Trying to remind myself of the extra 'stuff'' I need to get done...before the next meeting.  In a way it keeps me going.  I am staying focused and working on important stuff and that provides me with a sense of pride.  A tired sense but still a positive sense.

Throw regular work on top of all of that and you will get an idea of my life the past few months.
And did I tell you I just trained a new nurse....10 weeks worth of training - but that story will come later.
oh wait - and then there is school...Tuesday I wrote a paper. Tuesday I spent all day in my pj's trying to get it done.  I finished it...and turned it in that very same night.   Who waits to write a paper the day it is due?!?!?  Me...that's who.

I am having to do some juggling ~ but I am staying above water ~ barely.
And at least I have some time off coming...maybe my house will get cleaned again :)

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irishtwinsmommababybook said...

You are a superstar, rockstar and you got this!!!! You are in this position for a reason. Because you are the perfect person to do it. Keep on swimming, keep on swimming!!