Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Night Out

Two nights out in one week!
How does one girl get so lucky??
 Having good friends I suppose
Tonights dinner was a bit more luxurious...
I went with two girls from work (remember my last dinner post was with work friends too - we are a bonded group). Davese (my recent intern) wanted to take Erin and I out to thank us for helping her to get her dream job and for teaching her so much of what we know.  She even treated us.  I'm not one that likes be treated.  I like being able to pay my own way...but she insisted since it was a thank you gift!
(My chopped salad)

                                                                          Davese picked me up and off we went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse.  They have the best steaks  - maybe because they are sizzling in butter, and we ate like it was our last meal.  We all ordered a different vegetable and shared those so we got to try a bit of everything.  The food was so yummy but the company was even better. 
We talked, we laughed, we complained, we lifted each other up.     
At one point an older lady at the table next to us got up and walked outside to the patio area.  She didn't look like she was feeling very good so the three of us nurses started our plan to help her if she needed anything.  I was going to do chest compressions, I told Erin she could do the mouth to mouth and Davese said that since she was new she'd just document and get information on the lady for later charting.   We asked the person that the older lady was with if she thought the person was ok or did she need help.  She just rolled her eyes and said, "no she is fine - she always does this when we go out".   So we didn't get to practice any life saving skills~

Oh well, we had a wonderful time and my tummy is full.
I have decided the creme brulle is one of my favorite desserts.  But how come my top never turns our as thin and crisp as this one!?!?!?  I even use one of those little blow torch things but mine never looks like this!

Relishing in having such fun girlfriends.
I am one lucky girl.

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