Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Girls Day Out

I picked up this cute little girl from school.
She showed me around her classroom and outside.
We went to her cubby and gathered her things,
we picked up her blanket and pillow.
Then we headed to the mall for some bonding time.
We went to the Disney store where she bought a "Lady".
She said that her Daddy never lets her buy anything.
Well - Lita can, and besides, Lita gets a discount  :)
Then we went to Nordstrom where she got to pick out clothes.
She made a new friend in the saleslady - she followed her around the store.
We went to the dressing room where she tried on her clothes.
Then we paid for her new outfits.
We ended our day at Farrels Ice Cream Parlor.
Ice Cream sundaes for both of us - Yum!
I love spending girls day out with my favorite little girl.
Lily you make my heart swell and I love you!
Love, Lita

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