Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby in Her Belly

I just had to show off of few of Kim's belly pictures. We had a professional shoot done this past Sunday and I think Kim looks so cute - as does Jon :)
We are still waiting for the baby to make its appearance. It will be any day now! And I may be biased but I think their baby is going to be the prettiest one on the block!
Special thanks to Shannon Lott for spending the afternoon with us! She captured the best images and you can see how much Jon and Kim love each other in them. You can see some of her amazing shots on her blogsite...

This picture I stole from Shannon's site
I was trying to stay out of the way but captured a few shots of my own from a different angle.Can you believe that she is term? Due today!
The amazing Shannon in action!We made Kim climb up on this post - it was pretty funny and she was a tropper about it.I think Jon is in love with the baby already.We then asked some stranger to borrow her horse for a few pitcures.
Can't wait to meet you little baby!!!

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Shannon Lott said...

Awe, what a great post! Thank you for all your kinds words. I like "amazing"...I can get used to that. I also had a great time and laughed almost the entire time with you four. And so far, no complaints for asking Kim to stand on the bridge, and lay on the train tracks!

Again, not sure how you did it, but I'm so glad you found me:)

I know you're an anxious Grandma-to-be, but hang in there:)