Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some Kind of Crazy Baby Boom

We have been so busy at work lately! Seems like all of Orange County is pregnant! I have worked four of the past five days and have barely gotten any breaks - have not gotten out on time and basically have just run around like a mad woman - all the while trying to smile and make sure my patients are having a good experience.
A snippet of today...You know it is going to be a bad day when:
  • you walk on to the unit and look at the board and you are starting with 15 patients on the board, 4 scheduled C/S's to be done and induction patients waiting in the waiting room plus more scheduled to come in
  • there are no empty LDR's so the induction patients complain about their room (hey -they are lucky to even get put to bed!)
  • You are assigned to a patient and while you haven't even finished your morning "huddle" the call light goes off and you hear, "I need help in here!!"
  • You go to your room - only to be met with a patient on the bathroom floor and a nurse trying to review her - great start to the day!
  • You get the patient awake...and with help get her on a guerney only to find out that her head is at the foot part and her feet are at the head part - UGH! Now you can't evelvate her head. Oh well - just cope, get her stabilized and moved to the postpartum unit
  • You transfer the patient to find there is no IV pole - oh well - cope again and hang it on a hook in the closet.
  • Come back to your own unit and there still are no beds but you need to find somewhere to put the next patient.
  • You assume a patient and get her an epidural - she goes to complete and the doctor says, "I have more patients to see in the office. Can she wait?"
  • Finish that delivery and finally get lunch at 3pm

Then it finally started to slow down as we got all of the patients delivered. I think we did 14 deliveries again today. We left the night shift with only 5 patients on the board and what do we hear from the night shift..." oh what a nice board - did you guys have a good day? :) ! NO! We were crazy busy again. My only hope - they don't call me tomorrow on my day off!!!!

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