Thursday, January 17, 2008

She's in

sigh of relief...Michelle has been accepted to 2 colleges so far. She's in at Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Monterey Bay! Yeah! Still waiting to hear on a couple of others then she needs to make the decision for where she wants to go and keep searching for scholarship money :)
I'm just proud of her for getting in! She is so eclectic on what she wants to major in that she will be in school for ever trying to get all of the degrees that she wants!
She is gone for the next few days too - at some Film Academy weekend (5th Annual Student Television Network Convention) at the Disneyland Hotel. Only 2 kids from her high school were selected to go. Hopefully her films will do good.

And on the baby front - Jon and Kim had a Dr's appt. - she is 1cm dilated....Jon's comment was: "that baby just loves it's mom so much that it won't come out!" So we wait...

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