Tuesday, January 8, 2008

miss my baby

I sure miss Erika when she is not around...I know that she isn't that far away but it is just different without her here at home - quieter, less energetic. When she is home the phone rings more (well her cell phone does any ways) and she bounces around the house, talks and shares what is going on in her life. Just brings a "different" feel to the place. I have to stop and remind myself that her being away at school is the best thing for her and it is really helping to shape her in to the woman that God wants her to be...but I still miss her. I get to see her Thursday for a little bit - she is flying to Colorado and I'm taking her to the airport so we get to visit during the car ride. She has lots of plans to visit all of her teammates home states so she is starting at Connie's home in Colorado. (Hope she stays warm!!) I'm not sure I like this stage of motherhood - I liked being in control and having the kids under my wings, taking them where they needed to go and just knowing more about what they were doing. Don't think I'll do 'empty nesting' very well. UGH! But I'll try to let loose and not be a meddling mom :)

Erika's dorm room
Erika at Christmas time

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