Monday, January 17, 2011


We live close to Disneyland~

Buzz works for the mouse...and one of the perks of having a husband that works there is that we can get in for free. Erika had called and wondered if we could sign a few of her friends in for the day since they haven't started classes yet. I was needing a break from the real life stresses of work and school so of course I told her yes. The best part of not paying to get in is that there is no stress to 'see everything' since you know you will return again. It makes it nice because you can just take your time, do a few things and not feel like you have to 'cram' everything in to the day.

I met Erika and her girlfriends at the park, signed them in, went on one ride with them and then spent the rest of the day with Lily. We left the college age kids so that they could go on the 'big kid' rides while Lily and I had are own fun.

Here's our day in a few pictures...ok quite a few pictures...

We started the day at California Adventure, where we went on the Toy Story ride with the girls. Lily was not so fond of that ride but she did like the glasses

Lily became a toy in a toy box

She spent quite a bit of time 'talking' to this guy. There is a camera somewhere and Mr Potato Head does talk to people in the line. I ate a box of popcorn while Lily just hung out on the fencing interacting with him

Then she got to meet Duffy. She loved the fact that there were not a lot of people at the

park and she got to keep getting back in the line. She told him 'hi' more than

once :)

I asked Lily which rides she wanted to go on ~ but she mostly wanted to shop. That is a girl for

you! I think she went in to every store that we walked by. She didn't buy things in every store but she sure had fun trying things on and dreaming of the things she would like to have.

I got a specialty coffee and sat and watched the people while Lily napped in her stroller. This was a nice spot to sit, relax, and de-stress

I did convince her that I wanted to go on at least one ride. Actually we went on four rides while we were there. She was just having too much fun exploring and looking at things. She did like 'It's a Small World' though. The inside was still decorated with a holiday theme and it was so pretty.

Lily sang along with the music and stared wide-eyed at all of the dolls and decor

I used to dream about having a doll like this when I was a little girl...funny now that children have all kinds of interactive dolls and pets. Wonder if I should find Lily a dancing doll?

Of course, we went on one of her favorite rides - 'Monster's Inc'. She always wants to ride this one. She just loves Boo, Sully and Mike

And what's a trip to Disneyland without meeting Mickey?
One of Lily's favorite places to go is the new princess area. They have more than one character to see, a show, all kinds of princess dresses and toys to buy plus an area where little girls can get their hair done to look like a princess. One of these days I think I will let her get a prettied up. Here she is meeting Jasmine. She has met her before at the Aladdin theater (where Buzz works) so she ran right up to her like they were old friends. She just started talking and telling her all kinds of news.

Remember the mice that made Cinderella's dress? They sure are cute.

Bye-bye Princess Minnie

We ended the day by meeting Buzz and Jon for dinner in downtown Disney. Nice, relaxing day. It sure helped me to feel recharged.


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