Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pray for Baby Douglas

When a patient is on the antepartum unit for awhile you get to know them.
Not only do you get to know the patient ~ but you get to know the whole family. You talk with the husband, as he brings food, treats and leftover birthday cake to the nursing station to share with others. You get to know who all of the grandparents are as they come to visit every day. They stop and share, ask questions and go on their way to visit their loved ones. Friends, nieces and nephews - the people who are important to the patient get to be familiar faces to the
nurses too. As much as I dislike working the antepartum unit ~ I do like forming these bonds with patients and getting to know them.

In the world of obstetrics there is always more than one patient. Not only do you get to know the patient but you also get to know the baby as you attempt to monitor the fetal heart rate and contraction pattern everyday...

One of our recent patients spent quite awhile with us. 30+ days of interacting and getting to know them. Even on days when I did not take care of the patient I would stop in to say hi. Mostly on days when I was in charge...since I like to just let them know that the charge nurse of the day is aware of who they are and why they are there.

Baby Douglas was born this week. The parents were prepared for his birth for they knew of his diagnosis even before the were admitted. They had done research on congenital diaphragmatic hernia and a plan of care was developed.
So as they went in to deliver this week they were both excited to finally meet their baby yet scared of what the future may hold.
Douglas is so precious....He could really use your prayers. His parents are so sweet - you can't help but like them. They can also use your prayers. Prayers for health for the mother and strength for the whole family. It is never easy having a sick child - even if you knew that he was going to be sick. Even with all of the preparation. Until you see your baby, you just can't imagine what it is going to be like. His parents are strong and baby Douglas has many people who are concerned about him. But please pray...
(photos and story used with permission of the parents...in the words of Doug's mom..."the more prayers the better")


rnraquel said...

God bless him. I will certainly pray for all of them. I can't imagine how hard that is.

Melissa said...

I will be praying for Douglas and his whole family. If it would be all right I would like to pass this along to other's via facebook if that is okay? Thank you


babyrndeb said...

Melissa -
I got permission from the patient to post...but I can't give the OK for others to post on facebook...sorry.