Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Full Day

Lots going on today...it is a beautiful sunny day and I'd rather be outside!!

I have been at the hospital all morning. Found out that little Doug was going to have surgery today. His mommy wrote about that on her blog. I haven't heard how he is doing - but it is a good sign that he has made it to the point of having surgery.

I admitted a new patient this am to our perinatal hospice program. It is hard when they speak Spanish ~ we get an interpreter but I am just never sure that the family understands what we are trying to say or that they understand what the doctor has told them. I know they 'get' the empathetic touch and kind words but I just hate that I can't talk to them in their own language.

Since I was right by the MICU, I stopped in to see my friend and her husband. I didn't actually go in to his room since no one really knows what he has~ but I got to spend some time talking to Theresa and hopefully helping her to feel somewhat supported. Her husband is still on the ventilator but is making small moves to get better. He is not in kidney failure ~ this is a good thing for when you have a lack of oxygen you go in to multiple system failure and the kidneys are one of the first things to stop working.
Please continue to pray for this young family. For a miracle of healing for Kevin, for minimal deficits to the brain from the lack of oxygen. Theresa just wants him to recognize her when he does wake up. Pray for strength for Theresa as she tries to be of support to her husband and still be a mommy to her new baby. She was to have returned to work this week but obviously is not going to be able to right now. We are fortunate to be able to donate some of our own PTO (paid time off) in to her bank so that she is able to stay out longer without worrying about getting paid.

I then met a friend from church for lunch. It is always good to catch up with people and I have purposed to be more diligent about taking the time this year to connect with others and get to know them better.

Tonight I get to go to school again...I am trying so hard not to stress too much about school...to keep it in its place yet to get the work done that I need to do to pass and to learn something. This has been the biggest challenge for me lately - just trying to find that balance. I love the school, the actual program, my professor is wonderful and the people in the class are great to work with...the hardest part is just all of the homework. Once the first project is handed in and we get our grade back, I will hopefully feel better. (first one due tonight...!!) I'll let you know how it goes.

That's my full day for you - think I'll take the dogs out for a quick walk in the sun just to breathe a bit :)

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