Monday, May 30, 2011

Erika's Graduation

Mom - this post is for you since you were not able to stay in Indiana with us.

Biola's graduation ceremonies took place on Saturday while we were in Indiana for nationals.
So - Coach decided to put on a surprise graduation for the seniors on the team since they would not be participating in the festivities back at school.
Us parents were in on the secret - but the athletes were not...
We all showed up early and waited for the seniors to arrive
They came in the room to a downloaded version of pomp and circumstance. They were pretty surprised to see all of us waiting in the room for them.
Indiana Wesleyan University treated us so well - they even had a big Biola screen shot for the ceremony.Coach Zimmerman giving the commencement address.
The seniors did not wear a cap and gown...they were all in team sweats. So as they went on stage their hair was flipped to the other side just like a tassel is flipped. They received their alumni license plate holder and a new graduate t-shirt.
Erika - the graduate - she actual got a tassel as a gift.
Sisters - Erika and Michelle.
My friend Kathy Brooks and I
More parents
Michelle, Erika and I
Erika and her roommate Natasha. They have been roommates since their freshman year.
Another sister shot
Coach Zimmerman and Erika
The graduates

Graduates and family members

And a little video that Michelle made for Erika:

Congratulations Erika! Can't believe you are a college graduate!

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