Friday, May 20, 2011

Senior Dinner

Erika had her senior dinner tonight.

How can it be possible that she is graduating from college already? It seems like yesterday that we were preparing for high school graduation and she was trying to figure out where she was going to go to college. She eventually chose Biola University and that has been one of the best decisions that she has ever made.

She has made awesome friends.
She has grown as a person.
She has had a great running career ... and the team went from a team that had no name to a nationally ranked team under the direction of Coach Zimmerman.
She has received a solid education.
She has earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Bible (all students at Biola get a Bible minor for they need to take extra Bible classses)
She already has a job offer coaching.

The dinner was one of the few senior events that she is attending. It was so fun to see all of her senior friends...even though it is a bit sad / bittersweet to think that this stage is over. I know those friendships will last for her ~ it is just going to be in a different format.
We were able to socialize and spend time with some great young adults.

Erika will be missing graduation though - as she is headed to her final national competition. She will be running the 4x800 at the NAIA competition in Marion, Indiana. She is actually more excited for nationals and doesn't seem to be bothered that she won't be 'walking' nor wearing that hat and gown. She gets the degree. And she gets to run.

After graduation, she plans to travel a bit this summer, move in to a different house with more of her friends, then start working. I think she is still planning to go to grad school in the spring also. What ever she does, I know she will do it well.
My, sweet, little Erika ~ I am so proud of you! Graduating as a 'scholar athlete' and pursing all of your dreams. You have worked hard and deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way. I am so happy God gave you to me to be my little girl and that I have been able to watch you grow in to a woman with a purpose. You are awesome and I love you a ton!
See you in Indiana next week at nationals!!
Love, Mom

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irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Congratulations to your daughter!!! Graduation is one of the best days of your life!!!!