Saturday, May 7, 2011

For some it isn't so Happy

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.
A day set apart to honor our mother's and to celebrate our own motherhood.
It is intended to be a special day.
But for some it is not so special or happy.
There are those who have not had a good mother image. A mom that was abusive or neglectful. How do you honor a mother that was not there for you? How do you forgive and become a better mother your self?

There are those who have recently lost their mother's and this is can be a sad day of loss and a wish for what once was.

Women who want to be mother's and can't conceive.

Mom's who have lost babies or young is hard to celebrate when your heart is breaking. I try to send cards to my patients who have lost babies throughout the year. A card to say I remember their special child. A card to say you are a mom, even if your little one is no longer here...but I know it is difficult for them to celebrate. This is one of those holidays that sort of smacks you in the face. It is tough to stand up let alone see and hear everyone else having a "happy mother's day".

If you know someone who has recently had a loss be sure to call them, send them a card, recognize that they are hurting. You may think that you will cause them pain by bringing up their lost loved one~ but trust me, they are already thinking of them and sometimes it just helps to know that some one else remembers too.


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