Friday, May 27, 2011

Marion, Indiana

I am behind on my blogging, this much I know.
I have been busy living life and just haven't had time to sit and blog. Not that I don't like blogging ~ I do...and I love reading other blogs...I just decided to take a moments break and be with family.
But I will try and catch up over the next couple of days.

Last week we went to Marion, Indiana for the NAIA outdoor track nationals.
We arrived on Wednesday ~ It was nice when we landed, but as we drove it got more ominous looking....
We arrived in Gas City, Indiana, checked in to our hotel then went to look around town. The pictures are a little dark due to the weather.
Gas City is a quiet little town. Very, mid America, country living. It is quaint and the people were very friendly.
Michelle really wanted to buy a bike that was for sale at a flea market....but it would have cost us more to ship it home then it would have been worth!
Loved the patriotic feel to the town. Our little home for the next few days.The lobby is so comfortable. We keep running in to other parents of athletes here and it is fun just to talk and relax. They always have yummy, crisp apples on the coffee table.
As for the weather ~ it is wild here. Crazy mid-west thunder storms and tornado warnings. The staff are wonderful in dealing with all of us out of towners. We were told to come downstairs if they alerted us...Michelle wouldn't even sleep in her clothes or unpack...she wanted to be ready to run if she needed to. She also made a little video documenting our adventure (in between the electricity going on and off - HA!).

Yes, I was hungry (we hadn't eaten all day)- but I was more nervous that we wouldn't make it back to the hotel. We actually did stop at at KFC to hunker down and eat. I figured we were safe with other people and could go in the freezer if we needed to.
Be sure to watch all the way to the end to see the awesome lightening strike!

Things finally calmed down and we were able to get to sleep. Interesting start to our vacation - thats for sure :)


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