Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miss Lou

I had the day off of work today and my mom had asked me to help take a friend of hers to the doctor.
Miss Lou is like a second mother to me ~ so of course I said yes.

I went to high school with her daughter but did not really know Lou at that time. Her daughter and I were friends but didn't really hang out in the same circle.
Later in life, Lou started working with my mom and the two became good friends. It was then that I got to know her better (as well as her daughter).

Over the years, she has been there for me in marriage, the birth of my 3 children, a divorce, another marriage and the birth of my first grandchild. She treats me as one of her own.
Miss Lou is getting older and recently took a fall. She was hospitalized and is now in a rehab / nursing home for a bit.
So today - Mom and I went to pick her up, loaded up the wheelchair and took her to her appointment. I wanted to be there. I wanted to help take care of the woman who has loved me like one of her own. I wanted to do what little I could to make her day a little better. We talked about going out to her favorite Chinese food restaurant, but the doctor visit plum wore her out.

She is a special friend to me - just like another mother.

With mother's day coming, I also did my annual hunt for mother's day cards today. I admit - I'm a bit behind on that because I thought mother's day was the following weekend not this coming weekend. I hunted and hunted for just the right cards. I send quite a few of them. I've 10 ready to mail in the am to my out of state friends and family and will finish the rest tomorrow. I send them to family, friends, people I know who are celebrating their first mother's day, and patients that I have taken care of over the year that have lost a baby. I know it is a hard day for many of them...but those cards sure are hard to find. I have one saleslady at the Hallmark by me who looks for them and saves a stack if she finds any. She calls me to tell me they are there...now that is service! But, often, I end up settling for a 'caring' card versus a mother's day card.

Michelle and I then met for dinner for I was too tired after running around to even think of going to the grocery store and cooking dinner. Guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. I may not be as old as Miss Lou is but I sure can't seem to accomplish what I used to in a day - HA! and on that note - I'm off to bed!

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