Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chunky Monkey

 I have always wanted a little Asian baby.  I don't know why.  I just have.  Actually I would have loved to have done international adoption - one Asian girl and one African boy.  I just always thought it would have been fun to have a multi-cultural family and to love on kids that needed loving. If I were younger I'd still look in to doing that.  But, since I don't think I will ever have any cute little ones of my own, I am going to have to resort to borrowing my friends children.

Recently I had the joy of babysitting this sweet little girl, Sam.  
I work with her mother.  I got to take care of her mom while she was in labor and got to witness her birth.  My daughter Michelle even took birth photos for them.  So I am more of an "auntie" to her than just a baby sitter.  And oh my, did we have a fun day!  Sam is such a little chunky monkey.  She has rolls and rolls of squeezable baby chunk.
One of my dogs could have cared less that there was a baby in the house.  Sydney, on the other hand thought it was her job to protect the baby all day.  Wherever I went with the baby, the dog tagged along.  
 Dear Hubby enjoyed having a baby around too.
 I love this little girl so much.  She is so mellow and happy.  I can't wait to watch her again!

Love you Sam!!
Auntie Debbie