Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kitchen Update

As most home remodels go, ours in turning in to the never finished kitchen but we are so much closer to being done. Actually, all we have let to do is flooring and decorating and purchasing a china hutch and table (I am still using my old kitchen table in the meantime).  Aside from walking on cement flooring the place is finally functional and I have things put back in to the cupboards.  Cupboards such as this corner cabinet where the pots and pans are going.

And this upper corner cabinet which actually looks more roomy than it is.  But at least it isn't rotting and falling off of the wall like the olds one were. HA!
I do like the spice racks that are on both sides of the oven.  They hold all of our spices and oils, baking soda, etc.  These are actually pretty cool!
 And I have a working sink.  I didn't realize how much I missed having a real sink that my coffee pot could actually fit under.  It was harder doing things in the bathroom sink than I realized.  It didn't really bother me at the time, but once I got this beauty I realized how the bathroom sink was not practical for every day kitchen use.
We have a microwave that is actually strong enough to make popcorn (just ignore the person being reflected in the glass!)
 Ahhh - and my stove.  Love it!  It has five burners and a warmer tray on the bottom that actually is hot enough that you can cook a side dish in it if you needed to.  This has been the greatest thing.  We have not had an oven for over a year and a half.  We had the stove part but no oven so there was no baking going on over here.  It really has been a drag, but you just adjust and do what you need to do to survive.  Doing without an oven for so long sure has made me appreciate having a new one!

 So the first thing we made was peanut butter cookies - per Dr Hubby's request.  He was impressed with my fork marks!  They were so yummy and sure didn't last long.
We are thinking of putting wood flooring in ~ and plan on extending that in to the hallway, the living room and up the stairs.  I just need to get some time off of work so I can go shopping for what we want,  For now, I am just glad to have a functioning kitchen again and to not be eating out of that living room kitchen!

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Beautiful!!!! The colors come together beautifully!