Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome Baby Graham

Another sweet little baby has entered the world.  
I had the privilege of taking care of some friends from church.  I was also training my new intern that day. So what does the dad do,  but take a picture of us and post it on facebook and we don't even look like we are working!! Melanie was showing us some web site, my intern was putting the link in to her phone and I was talking to the charge nurse.  So I prefer to think of it as - we were 'bonding with the patient'  ~ at least we were at her bedside, right?
This was one of the best deliveries that I have done in a long time.  
The mom literally laughed the baby out.  She was not pushing....just laughing and here he comes!
The standard doctor pose

Daddy gets to cut the cord

Happy family times

                                    Big brother Travis has waited a long time for a sibling...

So I put him to work helping me to check the babies vital signs ~

8 pounds, 3 oz of pure bliss

One happy older brother

Even Grandpa and Grandma were there.  Every one was so happy - laughed and enjoyed the moment. It was so precious.
Peter and Melanie - thank you for including me in your special day.   Your new little baby is beautiful.  Little Graham - may you grow in to the man that God has made you to be.   You have the funniest parents that I know.  I look forward to watching you grow and being involved in your life.
Welcome to the world baby boy!

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