Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rocked It

Well, all I can say is "Thank God that nursing assessment test was a take home exam!"....I had studied for it and it still took me almost two hours to complete.  I am pretty sure that I did fine on it.  But I would not have done very well if I had to take it in class....I would have passed but probably not received an A. And if you know anything about me ~ I sort of NEED to get the A.  It is a horrible NEED to have, but that is me.  I don't have to score 100% or have the highest grade in the class.  Yet, I NEED to do well.  Heck, if I'm not going to do my best, why do it all?!?!  It is sort of how I approach life in general.  It isn't always a good thing all of the time either,  for I sometimes push myself too hard when I should just admit I don't know something and ask for help.  I'm learning that slowly though.  Any ways - I think I did ok on the exam since I could look most things up.

I will say that my group rocked our "assessment of the child" presentation last night.  Our power point was inclusive but not really long with lots of boring facts.  The instructor liked my pamphlet on normal vital signs, weight, BMI and how to test the cranial nerves  (made less that we had to review in our presentation).  I took a few props with me for my part on how to approach the child...for example I attached a little stuffed bunny to my stethescope, I took a doll and demonstrated how I'd check the doll's heart rate first before I'd check the childs.  I gave the doll bandaids for her 'owies' too.  Then I used the doll as if it were a child a demonstrated some technigues the nurse could use if she had a fearful getting to eye level even if it means getting on the floor (I did that just like I would if it were a child).  Our instructor was impressed...she even said it was one of the best presentations she had seen in awhile.  Yeah for props!!

Glad that piece of the class is maybe I can concentrate on all the rest of my homework and 75 point case study that is due next week.  It is such a balance of homework, home life and work.  Only three more weeks and this class is done. I can't wait!  I'm balancing...barely...but balancing.

 Today should have been a day off from work but I had to go to the hospital for a conference on one of our comfort care patients.  The conference normally lasts about an hour.  I ended up doing their hospital tour with them and answering  more questions that came up as we walked and talked.  So it took a little longer. Then my charge nurse asked if I'd help with a few lunches.  Needless to say I was there for a few hours.  I can't wait for the day when a day off is a day off!

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