Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Post

Since I haven't had much time for blogging lately, I decided to have a guest post. The post is nursing related so it fits the content of my blog.

The article is written by Melanie L Bowen and she blogs here.   Stop on by and say hello :)

Without further ado...The Benefits of Nursing for Chronically Ill Patients

Patients with chronic diseases such as cancer need effective and compassionate nursing care. Unlike someone who has an acute injury or illness, a patient with cancer develops a long-term relationship with his healthcare providers. Medical care and managing the disease becomes a major part of the patient's life.

Nurses who specialize in the care of these special patients need to have highly developed nursing skills and a deep sense of compassion. Many of the patients are terminal, others with a dire diagnosis such as mesothelioma, are understandably worried or depressed. Working in an oncology unit takes a special type of person, but the work can be very rewarding.

Not only do nurses nurture others, they get to practice cutting edge medicine. According to "Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine," the role of the oncology nurse has changed dramatically within the past ten years. Nurses have taken on more responsibility in the treatment of cancer patients and the management of their symptoms. Some of the duties performed by nurses include patient assessments, family and patient education, and patient care. This includes interpreting lab tests, administering cancer medications, counseling family members, and offering treatment for symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and depression.

Some cancer patients are treated in an outpatient clinic and are mobile and otherwise healthy. Other patients are bedridden and require extensive care. Some patients participate in cutting edge cancer treatments that offer nurses the opportunity to expand their skills. The rewards for the nurse are many, and they make for a satisfying and challenging career.

The patient also benefits from receiving care from a skilled and compassionate nurse. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is shocking and frightening. The treatment options can be very confusing. Having a qualified medical professional take time to explain the disease and its course of treatment is very beneficial to the patient and his family.

Cancer patients often undergo sophisticated medical tests that require skilled nurses to perform and interpret. Nurses also have to administer chemotherapy drugs that could be very dangerous if not given properly. The patient's recovery lies in the hands of the nurses and doctors who plan and provide his treatment.

Having quick and convenient access to a qualified nurse also makes it possible to manage cancer symptoms better. Rather than having to wait for a doctor to return calls, nurses can immediately advise patients on how to manage the symptoms caused by their cancer treatments.

Nurses still work under the supervision of a physician, but top-level experienced RN’s have an autonomy now that was unheard of twenty years ago, and the patients benefit from it. Make the road to your recovery easier and find a trusted professional who not only cares but can help you both emotionally and physically along the way and keep fighting.

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