Monday, October 8, 2012

Long Two Weeks

It is hard to believe that Erika's accident was two weeks has been a very long two weeks.
Yet, she is doing amazing well.  
She is driving (not on the same freeway yet and she jokes that she will never get in another Versa - EVER!) but she is getting where she needs to go and she is almost completely healed - Praise God!  She has yet to return to running.  She says that since it is such a high impact sport she is taking her time getting back in to it but she has been coaching at her youth job and talked about walking the dogs to the dog park today.  I'm just glad that she doesn't seem to have any residual health issues ~

The insurance adjusted deemed the car, "a total loss".   Duh, I have seen the car...I knew it wasn't something that was repairable.  He went on to say, "That car hit hard, I haven't seen one this bad in a long time.  Is your daughter OK?"   I told him that she actually walked away from the car and he was pretty surprised.  Another reminder of God's protection on my girl.

We are coping with having one less car.  Erika and Michelle are needing to share the one car that they do have.  It is hardest on Michelle because she commutes to Long Beach for school.  Most every place else they can walk or I can take them if need be.  Guess they are learning how to communicate who needs the car most and at what times.

I have been overwhelmed with paperwork, phone calls, documentation, emails, etc.   Not only for the "totaled" car but also for my home re-fi and trying to hang on in my current class.  I was able to get my mid-term turned in a couple of days late and I think that I have kept current on everything else, though my mind definitely hasn't been 'in to' this class.  I keep reminding myself that I only have to pass.  So far I am still doing ok.

I have had to be very purposeful in my activities.  I purposed to stay home and focus on what needed to be taken care of.  I needed to care for Erika and concentrate on stuff at home.  I have chosen to decline lunch invites, extra shifts, meetings and study sessions.  But it is what I needed to do.  I have only answered the emails that needed to be answered.  I have not blogged.  I haven't done any pleasure reading.  I haven't helped Erika with any wedding plans.  I've been purposefully focused.

Today has been the first day that I sort of feel that I am coming out of my self imposed isolation.  I think that I have made good choices and have accomplished much.  It has been a long two weeks......

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