Monday, October 22, 2012

Matt & Sasha Get Married

 We went to a lovely wedding yesterday ~
The joining of Matt and Sasha....
Matt is Tim's (Erika's fiance') brother.
We have gotten to know Matt as we have spent time with Tim's family.
It was always apparent to me that Matt had a heart for God.
He wanted to find a woman who also had that same heart.

 Earlier this year he met Sasha.
Sasha was working as a youth pastor.
Matt had found his match.  
They are perfect together.
They both want to serve Christ.
They love each other.
And now they are married.

Their wedding was a true testament of their love as well as their commitment to Jesus.

Erika had the honor of being one of the bridesmaids. 
(She did a great job altering her dress as well as her soon to be sister-in-laws dress....I didn't even know that Erika even knew how to sew.)

Matt's nephew Isaiah announcing the coming bride...

 Here she comes
Doesn't she look radiant?

Sasha's dress was beautiful. 
I loved all of the buttons going down the back.

 Michelle was the official photographer.
Here she is working away.

The vows ~

Tim standing up for his brother as the 'best man'.

The Kiss.

On it went...told you they were in love.

 The happy, happy couple.
I absolutely love Sasha's laugh. It is deep and heart felt.
She just shows her joy in such a tangible way  :)

 Erika and Tim at the reception

 One more shot of the official photographer
I can't wait to see all of her pictures. I know they are way better than mine!!

Erika and Tim's sweet little niece Kate.
I love this baby! 
She is so adorable even if she wouldn't smile for us.

Congratulations Matt and Sasha.
God prepared the two of you for each other and the love you share is so beautiful to see.
May you have years and years of happiness as you serve God as a couple now.
Enjoy your honeymoon!
(this photo by Michelle)
It warms my heart that Erika is going to be a part of this wonderful family.

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