Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nurse Movie

I wish that I were at the magnet conference in Los Angeles.
I really wanted to see the premier of this new documentary which is being previewed at the conference,
But I guess that I will have to wait until it is shown nationwide.
Maybe we should make our own movie on our unit ....



theresa said...

Now I can't wait to see this!

Anonymous said...

Nurses I have known
Aunt Dot who saw horrors untold
an army nurse in WWII
didn't know how to swim
but took a ship across the blue
to heal, to help, to care
I will be true, I will be brave
Grandma Norma
LPN on 4 North
Day after day
teaching the young ones
a thing or two
They called her Tillie
She was strong, she worked hard,
she cared
Betty, a step-grandma
nurse manager in a small town
cooked yummy goodies
everyone knows her
she knows her stuff
step mom Linda
in coronary care
later at a county office
then manager, finally school nurse
and nursing home care
if she doesn't do it,
no one will
and my cousins
L&D nurses
catching some babies
holding some when no one would
preemies too early
until their tiny hearts stopped
crying alone with the babe in hand
and then the nurses
not in my family
holding my hand
in pediatric surgery
just before they worked on my eyes
and the ones who
helped me when I got my cast
or when it was taken off
a broken leg
and at Dr. Ruble's office
taking vitals and making small talk
At my baby's births
encouraging me
cleaning and checking
a few catching
and the CNM's
giving me time
and cheering me on
making me want to
have more babies
so I can have them
there again
the nurses who care
for my elderly relatives
and the ones who were there
when my dad had his surgery
all with hands
and ears
and eyes
and feet
there to serve
to meet the needs
beyond all we can know or ask.