Saturday, September 29, 2012


I needed to go to the tow yard to get the rest of our belongings out of our smashed up car.

Yet, the thought of going there gave my actual palpitations.  My chest hurt and I knew that I couldn't go myself.  I tried to talk myself in to it.  I knew my daughter was ok so what was the big deal?
Maybe I have a touch of anxiety.  I've always been a pretty calm, composed person...
I called my parents to see what they were doing.  Dad agreed to go with me.

We arrived at the tow yard.  Showed our I.D. and they told me that only one person was allowed to go in.  "You have to be kidding me...I can't do it by myself...he has to go with me because I just can't see the car again without thinking about the other day."  They actually allowed us to go in together.  Erika was with us too and she didn't seem to be near as upset as me.  In a way I think it helped her to process the pieces of her accident.

Erika's view the day of her crash....

We gathered all of our things.  It ended up to be a bit easier than I had imagined that it would be.  It is just a pile of metal after all.
Now I am dealing with all of the insurance issues, collision reports, and trying to figure out how to survive with one less car.

More  positive notes:
Erika is doing really well.
Her corneal abrasion is already healing.
Her burn looks good with no signs of infection.
She is a little stiff and sore but in relatively little pain.  
She can't wait for her fiance to get home (it was tough on both of them as he has been working out of town).
She is one tough cookie.

And my instructor is allowing me an couple of extra days to finish my exam and do the in class work as homework.  Maybe I won't have to retake the class after all...though I do have a TON of homework to do in the next two weeks.
I plan to lay low, stay home and not add anything else in to my schedule.  I need a little time to refocus and get things back in order.

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Holly said...

I'm behind so OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so glad she is ok!