Monday, September 17, 2012

Favorite Places

  We snuck away to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.
There is just something about this place that is good for the soul.
Something that refreshes and nourishes the human spirit.
I could sit outside and stare at these mountains for hours at a time.
If you've ever been here then you know exactly what I mean.
If you haven't ever been there then you really should find the time to go at least once.

I know that I have posted before about this place.
It never looses its appeal.
Hume Lake Christian Camp ~
Hume is located in the Sequoias - about 60 miles east of Fresno.
It is about a 6 hour drive away for us but oh so worth it.
It truly is a special place.

We went to Hume over the weekend.
We went for the fall marriage retreat.
We have found that the retreat helps to strengthen our marriage.
And it is fun too.
We love meeting new people and getting away from day to day life.
Our cell phones don't work up in the mountains and it is time for us to focus just on us.

The speaker this weekend was Josh McDowell.
He is a nationally known speaker and author. 
You may have heard of him, or read one of his books, but to hear his story was really quite interesting.  He spoke of his childhood, his disbelief in God and how all of that was challenged one day when a group of Christians asked him to prove the Bible wrong.
Seeking to disprove truth only led him to truth.
I ended up buying his new book, "Undaunted", just to learn more about who Josh is and what he has had to overcome.
You can learn more about Josh by clicking here.

I also was 'on-call' for the weekend but did not have a single patient so it was truly a weekend away where I could relax and enjoy myself.
I missed one meeting as I was listening to my radio chatter on a search and rescue that was going on.
I was sort of hoping they would need me to help with medical interventions, but they found all five guys healthy and in good shape.
I was happy they found them and actually sort of enjoyed listening to the rescue efforts.  
I was just slightly bummed that I wouldn't get to do some crazy thing like start an IV in the wilderness or dress a gnarly wound.
Guess only another nurse may understand that one!

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what the weekend was like.
I didn't make the video cut this year though so you won't see me in any of the scenes. Maybe next time...

We even brought home Hume water since it was specifically requested!
I am so lucky to be able to retreat to a place like Hume ~

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