Saturday, September 22, 2012

Women's Retreat

I decided to go ahead and attend my church women's retreat.

It has been many,many years since I have gone to a women's retreat...I was busy raising children as a single mom and taking the time to join my friends was just too hard.  And most of the previous retreats were held in November and I chose to attend cross country meets instead of go on the church retreat.
This year the dates were changed and the retreat was held locally so I decided to go. 
Talitha Cumi....'maiden, arise' in Arabic, is the theme.  The scripture we are focusing on for the weekend is Mark 5:21-24.  The passage talk about a young girl that had died and Jesus healed her and raised her from the dead.  Our speaker actually had a daughter that was a near-drowning victim so she is tying that all in together.  Actually, she shared last night and it was very insightful.

The one thing that I walked away with was ~ "does my problem or plight define how big my God is?...or do I focus more on how big God is , then let that define my problem?"  Do I look at the issues first and wonder how God is going to fix them?  OR do I focus on God and trust that He is going to carry me through what ever it is that I might be going through.  Two very different ways of looking at the same problem. Two very different ways of approaching life.  Definitely food for thought....

I'm looking forward to hearing more today.  Even more so, I think I was ready for time away from the pressures of home.  There is something really fun about staying in a room with three other women.  They are all friends that I already knew so it is totally relaxing and fun.  The only bad part is that we stayed up laughing way too long last night and now we are all up early trying to do our morning routine so we can get to breakfast. 

Later today I'm going to lunch with a couple of other girls, then I am getting a massage.  Our retreat is being held at a spa type hotel so I am treating myself   :).
Fun times!

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