Thursday, March 20, 2008

20 Years

20 Years at the same place of employment...When I say 20 years it seems so long - like it is a life time yet having lived through it - it just seems like it was a short time ago that I started working at St. Joseph Hospital. Who would have ever thought that I would still be there 20 years later.
20 years is enough time for
technology to rapidly change - who had cell phones/email / ipods 20 years ago??
babies to be born and grow up
grandchildren to be born
my own children to get through high school
parents to age
my own body to age - UGH!
I could go on and on but you get my drift. I guess you could say that I don't like change. But I definitely do not feel stagnant. I still like my job and find challenges in it. Plus I have the been able to make the best friends ever working there - from co-workers to patients that I have taken care of. And what an awesome thing to see a baby born then be able to watch it grow up. I've run in to kids at track meets whom I have delivered and that is sort of cool :)
So- St Joseph honors it's employees every year with a really nice banquet. This year's was at the DoubleTree Hotel in Orange and it was quite a night. The longest employee honored this year has been at St Joes for 45 years! Below are a few pics from the night:
A group of L&D employees
Caroline Price and I - we've both been at SJH 20 years
Katy Firmes - our secretary - 40 years with SJH!!
Laura Derr and I - we went to nursing school together years ago
Me receiving my award from the big man on campus - Larry Ainsworth

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Shannon Lott said...

You look so pretty! Congrats. Twenty years is a huge accomplishment.