Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's track season is time for fun in the sun watching kids run! Nothing like sitting in the stands cheering for your children while you talk with friends,eat snacks, whoop and holler and just enjoy a day out. Plus my hair gets blonder from the sun exposure :)
Michelle is running the 4x100 (so far they've won all of their races)She is on the varsity squad for El Modena and she also runs the 100m, and 200m.
Sprint fast Michelle!

Look who snuck in to the stands....

On a side note - Erika is also running outdoor track now for Biola. They just returned from indoor nationals in Tennessee and their next meet is Friday in L.A. where Erika will be running the steeple chase - how fun is that!! Hopefully we can get some good pictures of her.

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