Wednesday, March 26, 2008

she's well!

I've never bought a dog in my whole life...I believe in rescuing and love mutt dogs more than pure breds...and I don't quite understand people who spend a ton of money on their the one time that I purchase a gets sick with Parvo virus!!
Little Sydney spent last week in the hospital. It was both frustrating and scary. Frustrating for I didn't really want to spend my tax return on vet bills and scary for we had already fallen in love with our puppy. When I came home from work and found her so lethargic, I just knew it was bad. We rushed her to the emergency vet where they admitted her and gave her IV fluids and lots of medications. They only gave her a 50% chance of making it...I even had to sign a "no code" sheet on her...but after a week in the hospital she pulled through and was able to come home.
She is getting back to her normal puppy goofiness and is eating well and starting to put back on some of the weight that she lost. One more week and she will be off home confinement and be able to go on walks and out to the Lazy Dog Cafe. We are so happy to have her around.
But - never again will I ever purchase a dog!! Lucky for us the pet store reimbursed us - so now we think of Sydney as a rescued puppy!

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